No Doubt Zone for Coaches, Consultants and Mentors

As a coach, you know there is more. You want more clients. Clients with bigger vision. You want to have greater results, impact, income, and more consistency in your business. You want to create the lifestyle and legacy you desire.

You have success, yet you haven’t been able to fulfill to your biggest vision.

You need to be in the No Doubt Zone™.

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Why is the No Doubt Zone so important for coaches?

If you want to have the success and impact of the top 1% of coaches, consultants and mentors, you need to be in the No Doubt Zone.

The top 1% of coaches do more than simply help their clients achieve a goal or develop personal or professional skills. These coaches transform the lives and businesses of their clients enabling them to go beyond what seems possible, create huge impact and achieve their greatest mission.

The top 1% have the income they desire and a consistent wait list practice.

If you aren’t in the No Doubt Zone, you can’t reliably create the impact and income you want for yourself and you certainly can’t get your clients there.

The No Doubt Zone is the Key to Deep,
Lasting Transformation

It enables you to reach the highest levels of business, personal and relationship success. For clients who have come to coaching for exponential personal and professional growth…the No Doubt Zone is essential.

The No Doubt Zone gives you the perspective that makes the “impossible” possible. You see through the lens of the NDZ, get past stories, seeming obstacles, and ultimately eliminate “false limitations appearing real” (FLAR). As the way you see the world changes, what you accomplish changes as well.

The NDZ is the factor that makes the difference between achieving your vision or not. It is the difference between haphazard success or being able to create extraordinary success…at will.

As a coach in the No Doubt Zone, you will exude the confidence that makes others follow you. Yet, It goes way beyond confidence. You recognize and follow your intuition and have strong self-trust. When coaching you will be able to avoid traps the other 99% fall into including buying into clients stories, joining them in their trances, misunderstanding resistance, and misfiring when you use the coaching relationship to facilitate change and transformation.

So…it’s clear why the No Doubt Zone is important, and that you can’t bring your clients where you don’t have the knowledge and courage to go yourself. The next step is understanding why the elements that define the NDZ are key for top coaches.

No Doubt Zone Characteristics that a Coach Needs
to be a Top 1% Coach

To be a top coach you must be clear, aligned, intuitive, tough, adaptable and resilient. You need a strong sense of self and a deep understanding that while the coaching relationship is key to transformation, it isn’t about you, but about your client. It is about getting bridging the gap between the clients unique talents and the fulfillment of their vision, getting them from where they are to their greatest levels of success.

You need the courage to act fearlessly, no matter how much fear or doubt you or your client have. You must act in the best interest of your client and not out of your desire to be liked or your fear of being judged, badmouthed, or even fired. You need to be committed to your mission, to excellence, and your client’s achieving their biggest vision.

Your decision-making and actions must be aligned with your goals for yourself and your client, and your client’s goals for themselves.

You need a to accept …and embrace… that as a top coach you will always be challenged to grow both personally and professionally.

Bottom line: Coaches in the No Doubt Zone don’t buy into limitation…their own or their clients.

Because of these characteristics, No Doubt Coaches see the genius, the power in their clients and they know how to bring it forward.

Without the NDZ characteristics…

  • It’s almost inevitable that you will buy into limitations (FLAR). You won’t recognize the stories and trances (your clients or your own). You will go down the rabbit hole, unknowingly making transformation and success way more difficult, if not impossible.
  • It is difficult  to powerfully use yourself in the coaching relationship and keep your own issues out of the way.
  • A coach who isn’t in the NDZ can unintentionally and unknowingly add to or intensify the client’s problem.

When you become a Top 1% Coach in the NDZ …

  • You’ll be comfortable with your client having a full range of thoughts and feelings, and being able to appropriately express them. In fact, that is what you want.
  • Your clients, like most people, have been taught to suppress their thoughts, feelings and hold themselves back from being their most powerful self. They develop stories that support their lack of power, increase their own doubt and lessen their ability to create their future and fulfill their vision.
  • You are clear and strong regardless what a client or prospective client says or does. You don’t need your ego stroked, and you will help the client develop the NDZ characteristics in themselves.
  • You see the world through the lens of the NDZ, giving you clarity and perspective beyond  supposed limitation. This enables you to bridge the gap between where now are and fulfilling your biggest vision, and helping your clients do the same.