Speaking Engagements

Dr. Kazlow is available as a speaker for your upcoming event. Key topics include:

  • Peak Performance Psychology of the Top 1%: What Gets You There, Gets You Stuck, Gets You Beyond It
  • Culture Hacking: How to Create an Empowering Company Culture
  • Growing Pains: Overcoming the Obstacles that Arise as You Scale Your Business
  • ReWire, ReConnect, Release: The Process of Accelerating Your Business to the Next Level
  • How Hidden Trauma Affects Success in Business and Every Area of Your life…and How to Rewire, Reconnect and Release It
  • Decoding Hidden Conversations with Yourself, Your Clients, Your Team, and All Your Personal Relationships
  • Harness the Power of the  Resistance Paradox™: Master the Hidden Power Drivers of Peak Performance
  • Brilliant Turnarounds: How to Shatter Limitations and Unleash Peak Potential In Any Economy
  • Step into Your No Doubt Zone: Develop Rock Solid Confidence and Charisma, Increase Your Courage to Take the Risks Necessary to Have Huge Success, Get Past Your Fear of Failure and Fear of Success

Specifically for Women:

  • The Characteristics of Women that Hold the Key to Changing the Culture of Leadership, Business and Marketing
  • Breaking Gender Bias in Leadership
  • Preeminence, Authority Positioning, and Peak Performance: The Special Challenges for Women and How to Overcome Them
  • How Hidden Trauma Affects Women Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals, and How to Turn it Around.
  • Characteristics and Challenges of Women at the Top


Why Should You Choose Dr. K?
Dr. K spoke at a number of my Women’s Business Empowerment Summit events. Sharing the stage with Brendon Burchard, Joe Polish, Kevin Nations, and Barbara DeAngelis, Dr. K was a favorite. On the spot, she moved our attendees from stuck, or wherever they were currently in their business, to excited, seeing expanded possibilities and taking the next step to their greatest success.

Lynn Pierce-Lynn Pierce, author, speaker, radio host, Founder, Your Ageless Life and Business

quoteIt was a pleasure to talk with you during our WomenSpeak Conversation with Smart Amazing Women
I appreciate your work and ideas and consider you one of the smartest and most amazing among the hundreds of women I have interviewed.

Dr. Nancy D. O'Reilly-Dr. Nancy D. O’Reilly, Psy.D,
Founder of WomenSpeak and Clinical Psychologist
Conversations with Smart Amazing Women

“Absolutely incredible… definitely one of my favorites…get to one of her events…experience the genius for yourself.”
~ Seth Greene, Host Sharkpreneur, Founder Market Domination LLC

Watch: Sharkpreneur: The Kazlow Method for High Achievers

quoteDr. Kazlow was such a joy to have as a guest on our podcast, Make More Marbles
The content she delivered was extremely valuable to our audience! From her experience consulting top performing entrepreneurs, she is able to deliver insights of extraordinary value to any entrepreneur. Her energy and passion for what she does is extremely apparent and I would highly recommend her to any show host who’s looking for an amazing guest! We just recorded the show and my audience LOVED her.

Brad Hart-Brad Hart, investor, seasoned trader, advisor to top brands and mentor to world class performers


Dr. Fern Kazlow, you are astounding! The way you intrigue, energize and captivate audiences is unlike anything I have ever seen. How do you do it?

David Garfinkel-David Garfinkel, Former San Francisco Bureau Chief of McGraw-Hill World News