Dr. Fern Kazlow

The Power Collaborative

For Trailblazers, Outliers, and the One’s that are Different and, the ones who coach them

This is where high performing leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs collaborate to go from uncertain, frustrated, and stressed, not achieving their goals to creating  extraordinary growth, financial success, impact, and legacy  …  while enjoying freedom, confidence, and well-being.

When you’re a member of The Power Collaborative, you get The Power Matrix Process integrating psychology, peak performance, business and branding strategy along with the mentorship and relationships to empower you to succeed and thrive in any circumstance.

With The Power Collaborative, you get a proven approach to marketing, sales, and branding that is optimized for today’s environment and aligned with The Power Matrix, authenticity, and the ability to deeply connect with your market, your mission, and yourself.

As part of The Power Collaborative community, you’re surrounded by other trailblazers, outliers, and the ones who are different. They are the ones who believe they can make big things happen…and do.

You see what others don’t, or what others see as impossible, and make it reality. You take risks, and often thrive on them.

You strive to create valuable impact, no matter the circumstances.

And, you’re being challenged like never before. You may be dealing with extreme stress, far reaching uncertainty, divisiveness in your relationships, and threats to your health, heightening your anxiety. You may struggle with your identity and sense of self, and not having the feeling of power and control you once had. Add to that, your concern about your family, your business, and the state of our rapidly changing world.

Even though you’re accustomed to handling obstacles, adversity, and uncertainty like a pro, to thrive in the current economic and world situation – with political discord, civil unrest, violence, threats to our health, environment, and food supply – requires more.

And, this goes beyond you as an individual. This is about you as a leader.

We’re living in a time of radical transformation. We’re on a precipice where the old paradigms and ways of being aren’t working.  Moreover, the old paradigms of power and dis-connection are actually destroying us, our physical and mental health, relationships, and our joy, as well as our businesses, communities, and the planet.

Every aspect of our lives is calling us to change, calling for a rise in consciousness, a deep transformation at our very core, calling for a True Power Paradigm.

It’s time for a new relationship to your power, breaking free of your trances and limitations, increasing mental and emotional capacity, and your ability to take integrative, aligned action. Faced with massive uncertainty and chaos around us, it’s time to transform how you deal with obstacles that may limit you now, or in the long run, and use these as opportunities to unlock your full potential.

The ways of being and doing that got you where you are, now are holding you back, creating stress, eating away at your freedom and well-being, and keeping you from achieving more. I call this dynamic The Resistance Paradox™.

Developing the capacity to move forward requires navigating this Paradox, working with your resistance and the other Power Drivers of peak performance. This includes nervous system regulation, trauma responses, and the Connection Continuum.

The Power Collaborative programs enable you to embody your True Power State, be radically creative, cultivate courage and connection, and play in the field of infinite possibilities.

Dr. Fern Kazlow