Making Changes In (No) Time

Our beliefs about change itself, affect the speed and nature of the process we’ll experience by Dr. Fern Kazlow Pop Quiz time!  Which of the following do you believe are true? It takes 21 days to break a habit. How long it takes to change depends upon your motivation. You need willpower. Change is painful. The longer you have a problem, the longer it takes to change it. It is harder to change an emotional [...]

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Follow Your Passion and Wealth Will Follow

Pipe Dream or Reality? by Dr. Fern Kazlow It could be either one.  It depends on how well you identify your passion, how what you want to do intersects with the demands and needs of the marketplace, and how well you follow through on creating your dream. Most successful people are clear that having a good mentor has a huge affect on how successful you are and how long it takes you to get there. [...]

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Everybody Does the Best They Can – Always

Everyone does the best they can – always! This is probably the most difficult-to-swallow concept I teach in my workshops yet it’s the one that can change your world immediately. This attitude changes the way you experience the world, the way your life feels, even who you are. People who believe that “everyone does the best they can” tend to have an easier, more relaxed life. People who don’t believe it feel more negative, stuck, [...]

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Genetics & Illness: Truth & Myths

I started writing this article while accompanying my cousin for a breast biopsy— her second. As I waited, and wrote, I listened to the anxious, fearful men and women in the waiting room. My cousin was frightened, and, while all indicators looked good that it was “nothing serious,” the doctor said “we have to check just in case.” I wasn’t all that comfortable myself. After all, almost everyone in my mother’s family had died of [...]

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