Breast Cancer: A Journey of Empowerment

This was one of those blog posts that took a while to decide to write. Should I even share this on my site, talk about it publicly... there were many layers to the decision. I'm doing a group I never thought I'd offer: A group for women who want to make their breast cancer journey one of empowerment and unlocking potential. The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 1 in 7 (1 [...]

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Does Adam Frisella’s 75 Hard Program for Mental Toughness Work

It’s not a healthy approach to boosting mental toughness and actually supports a misunderstanding of what mental toughness is, says Fern Kazlow, EdD, LCSW, a psychotherapist in New York City who focuses on helping individuals and entrepreneurs with performance and personal growth.

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3 Divided Camps in the Work/Life debate: Which One are You In?

Sharing my thoughts on the subject of work/life balance brought a range of passionate reactions from my entrepreneurial clients, colleagues, and friends. This discussion started when I shared my response for an article I had contributed to in CEO Blog Nation. (This article shared some great tips and perspectives.) [...]

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Weight Loss that Works

Most of us have learned the best ways NOT to lose weight and keep it off. Can you imagine maintaining your desired weight — without pills, hypnosis, difficult diets, or excessive exercise? When you understand how the basic principles of change, energetic testing and recalibration apply to weight loss, it becomes simple, easy, and natural. Talk to people dieting or those who have lost weight only to regain it, and you’ll find they are likely [...]

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Going from Pain to Pleasure

Hold your attention on what you want to create Sad but true: for many us, much of our lives are spent dealing with pain and trying to get rid of it. There’s pain in every sphere of experience — physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually — but rather than being a beacon that helps steer us clear of suffering, pain often seems to be a powerful magnet that draws even more suffering our way. Many of [...]

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Symptoms: A Sign You’re Up To Something Big

Symptoms: back pain, chest pain, cramps, hot flashes, difficulties on the job, unsuccessful romantic relationships — indications of a disease, a disorder, an “issue.” Or are they something more, something deeper? Every symptom reflects a disconnection from ourselves, our community, our Source. Each is a way of saying something is wrong … pay attention! A symptom is an opportunity, a call to action. It’s a signal that you are up to something — maybe even [...]

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Genetics & Illness: Truth & Myths

I started writing this article while accompanying my cousin for a breast biopsy— her second. As I waited, and wrote, I listened to the anxious, fearful men and women in the waiting room. My cousin was frightened, and, while all indicators looked good that it was “nothing serious,” the doctor said “we have to check just in case.” I wasn’t all that comfortable myself. After all, almost everyone in my mother’s family had died of [...]

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