This was one of those blog posts that took a while to decide to write. Should I even share this on my site, talk about it publicly… there were many layers to the decision.

I’m doing a group I never thought I’d offer: A group for women who want to make their breast cancer journey one of empowerment and unlocking potential.

The number of women diagnosed with breast cancer is 1 in 7 (1 in 6 if you have a glass of wine with dinner a few nights a week).

With those staggering numbers, it’s time for a more potent approach, one that focuses on reducing the incidence, the recurrence, and the devastation of cancer. An approach that forges a true partnership with women and their doctors, and empowers women to embrace their power to heal and grow through the cancer experience.

I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. But, my breast cancer journey started when I was a child. Cancer was rampant on my mother’s side of the family. Several aunts I was close to got breast cancer and one came to my home to recover after surgery. My grandfather, who I was super close with, passed from cancer when I was 12.

And, my mother’s prediction as early as I can remember: “It’s not if you’ll get cancer, it’s when.” To be fair, while it was a horrible curse to lay on your daughter, I get it…our family history, and a host of high-risk factors made it likely.

From the time I was 18, I was told multiple times I had cancer, or might have cancer. I was told I could’ve, should’ve, or might die, ….While I did get a bit nervous, I never really believed I had it. And, clearly, I’m still here.

Early December, I found a lump, I knew…this time it was cancer.

I have to admit I hesitated, processing what I’d found, how I wanted to proceed. My past nightmare hospital experiences, all the false, frightening diagnoses, I was reluctant to see a doctor. Finally, I called and got an appointment to see a breast surgeon in January.

When I found the lump, my reaction was surprising…”I’ve been expecting you. You’ve arrived.” A quiet, powerful calm came over me. When the doctor confirmed it, I was resolute…Game on!

It’s been quite a journey, an empowering journey, I’ll share more about over time.

And, no worries, I’m good. Really good.

I’ve had a few challenges along the way, …but my surgery went well and I’m healing…changing the conditions that contributed to the cancer (the ones I can control) and to make recurrence less likely.

Although, my work in psychotherapy and mentoring has always been about holistic, integrative approaches…and I’ve done a ton of work with mind-body health and women’s health… I haven’t done a health focused group in a long time. This was one I didn’t think I’d ever do. In fact, I don’t know if I’ll do it again.

But the idea began when my surgeon, on a follow-up visit after surgery, asked if I’d be open to speaking to the breast cancer support group at the hospital. And, she had patients she’d like to refer.

I decided I would speak to the group, see breast cancer patients, but not do more. I wasn’t going to do a program or a group as some friends and colleagues suggested.

Yet, a few weeks later, I woke one morning, feeling guided to offer a group for women who have or have had breast cancer, women who want to make this a journey of empowerment and true healing – at any stage of their breast cancer journey…recently diagnosed, mid-treatment, post treatment.

This isn’t just about getting through cancer; it’s about thriving and integrating mental, emotional, somatic, and energetic elements for the best recovery and empowerment. It’s for high-performing women who are ready to stop battling cancer and become ascending warriors, focused on harnessing their power and creating lives of creativity, courage, and possibility.

From my decades of holistic work, and along with my own experiences, there are key elements – mental, emotional, somatic, and energetic that are crucial for the best recovery, true healing, to lessen the chances of recurrence, and lead to a better, more joyful, purposeful life…that are rarely addressed, or addressed in a deep, integrative way.

This isn’t just my story; it’s a call to empowerment, a call to get beyond the pink ribbons and turn the cancer journey into a transformative journey, not a battle with a disease to be fought.

I’m leading a group for women at any stage of their breast cancer journey, focusing on holistic recovery and true healing – changing the factors that contributed to the cancer, and lessening the risk of recurrence. It’s a path to unlocking potential that I feel compelled to share.

If this speaks to you, please reach out, message me. If you know anyone who you think would benefit, please let them know about it. I’d love to speak with them and see if this program is a fit.

It’s time we move this from hidden (as much as possible) to an arena of empowering conversation and action. Let’s redefine what it means to move from being a cancer warrior to an ascending warrior, focused on harnessing your power and creating a life of creativity, courage, and possibility.

I’ll be doing a series of posts that address some of the key emotional factors affecting and contributing to getting cancer, healing, and growing from it…much of it will fly in the face of conventional wisdom.

P.S. This will be a small group, a safe, but powerful place to share the journey, grow, get a new lens, and tools to navigate this on your own terms…whether holistic or traditional.