Mindset of the 1% and Power of Creating Your Own Life

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Mark Metry for his Human 2.0 podcast. We talked about the psychology and mindset of the top 1% performers, and the power of the your mind to create a path to the reality you really want to live. [...]

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How an Accident Led to a Life-Changing Methodology

I’ve written only one post about my journey since my accident… until now. I want to share with you how this major life-changer brought me to founding the No Doubt Zone™. By the end of this post, you may have an insight that will make an impact on your life, and see how the No Doubt Zone can help you achieve your biggest vision. When I was injured, at the end of 2007, my life was great, both professionally and [...]

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Why True Success Means Breaking Some Rules

When I study people who have done extraordinary things, when I look at when I have accomplished what others said was impossible, there was little regard for other’s rules of thinking, rules of what can or can’t be done, or even what should or shouldn’t be done. Look at Elon Musk, Steve Jobs… and me. For example, in my own life this link was clear by to me by the tender age of 8 years [...]

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Mastering the Art of Change

What if someone gave you the principles, the process and the energetic tools to create the life you want — quickly, easily and painlessly? Hard to believe? That’s because we don’t understand the nature of change and how conscious and non-conscious energetic patterns create our lives. To master change, we must alter our relationship to change, embrace its paradoxes, and align our energetic field to support us. Change — from early childhood, we often desire [...]

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Getting Beyond Conflict

Enjoy the love, power, freedom and sense of purpose of being yourself Don was having a problem with a co-worker named Jim. Jim, who was new to the company, feared his more established colleague, Don, might try to harm his relationship with the boss. He also thought that Don might do things to serve himself at Jim’s expense, ultimately interfering with the promotion he dreamed of. Feeling insecure, Jim looked at Don as a main [...]

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Breaking Repetitive Patterns

Carol has trouble saying no. She agrees to every request at work and every favor her friends ask. “I am spread too thin to do a good job and I have no time left for myself. I’m angry with myself for not setting boundaries, and at my friends for putting me in this position. My anger only makes things worse — it is straining my relationships and making it even harder for me to say [...]

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