I appreciate all the support I’ve gotten for my healing…and working in the breast cancer arena. I’ve got to say I’m blown away!

This is needed, and it’s resonating with so many of you. What’s in the works is way beyond what I envisioned when I posted about my breast cancer journey and the group I was starting.

People are asking if I’m changing direction away from working with high-achieving entrepreneurs and their businesses and marketing. Am I still going to do the advanced coach certification?

I’m still working with entrepreneurs, their businesses – and every area of their lives. And, I’m still going to offer the program for coaches.

But this is an arena I’m feeling compelled to make a difference in – especially for high-achieving women and their families.

While there will be some breast cancer-specific info here, most of what I post here will be from the core of my work – shattering limitations, harnessing your power, increasing your intuition and self-trust, and consciously creating your life – whatever the arena.

And, a special shout out to those who’ve reached out and painted a vivid picture of the impact I could make, the women and their families I could help – at every stage of their breast cancer experience. And, beyond talk, people are offering their help and expertise to make it happen.

I’m excited, and filled with gratitude and appreciation.