Feeling Stuck

How to Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone to Grow Both Personally and Professionally

It feels most comfortable to stick with what we are familiar with. But anyone who has achieved great success will tell you that true growth comes from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. What are some ways that influential people have pushed themselves out of their comfort zone [...]

How I Almost Got Arrested and Learned Even More About Being Stuck

I was involved in a fender bender. Well, not exactly a fender bender but a side door scraper. Everyone was OK. And, mostly, everyone was kind. An officer came quickly to document the incident and see if we needed assistance. I drive a lot and I’ve been blessed that I’ve been involved in only a few minor accidents over many years of being on the roads in the US, Europe, and the terrifying roads of Vietnam. But, this time, I didn’t have my insurance card in my car.

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Shift into High Gear: An Essential Habit for Entrepreneurs

Most highly successful entrepreneurs and professionals are different. They think different, they feel different, and they act different. They’re simply wired up differently. These high performers see the world through a different lens. They're self-motivated, driven, focused, and intense. They see possibilities where others see obstacles and limitations. They approach things with an out of the box perspective and are less influenced by the status quo. [...]

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Family Trances and the Habit of Holding Yourself Back

Holding yourself back is a learned behavior that often becomes a habit, and may come from one or both parents. It is built on, and perpetuated by, related attitudes and behaviors. In addition to the learned behaviors, there may be inherited traits that support it as well. You may be more pessimistic, have less vibrant health or stamina, or be more introverted. [...]

What to do when feeling “stuck”

Over our lifetimes, we make a multitude of changes and deal with an endless series of issues — some large, others small, some deep, others trivial. Among all the issues there are a few especially potent ones that make us feel overwhelmed, anxious, crazy, depressed, angry, in a cascade of unpleasant emotions. As a result, we may get headaches, neck or back pain. We may feel general malaise or even develop serious, debilitating illness. At [...]

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