Most highly successful entrepreneurs and professionals are different. They think different, they feel different, and they act different. They’re simply wired up differently.

These high performers see the world through a different lens. They’re self-motivated, driven, focused, and intense. They see possibilities where others see obstacles and limitations. They approach things with an out of the box perspective and are less influenced by the status quo.

At the same time, being different has led to an internal struggle that affects the success they achieve, as well as their health and well-being. Being different has led to feeling disconnected from others and even from themselves. They have dueling beliefs: ping-ponging between feeling like they offer great value and then completely questioning their self-worth. They alternate between high levels of self-trust and confidence, and self-doubt, often being overly critical of themselves and their abilities, and holding themselves back. They have achieved success but are restless; they know there is more they can do. Highly motivated, mission driven, they’re often seen as aggressive.

Dealing with this struggle has created an often unconscious habit that doesn’t serve them. They disconnect, squelch their identity, are highly critical of their performance, and shut down key parts of themselves. This negatively affects their intuition, problem-solving, decision-making, commitment, and consistency of action. These issues collectively result from a habit that goes deep, and the consequences are huge. For some entrepreneurs and professionals, it keeps them from being successful at all; for others it limits their success. For all of them, it affects every aspect of their life, from their business to their health, relationships, happiness, and even their longevity.

Entrepreneurs and professionals need to cultivate self-acceptance, to appreciate and embrace their difference, and learn to leverage it. They need to learn to recognize when they’re out of alignment with themselves, and instead of shutting down, disconnecting, and cutting off their creative flow…SHIFT.

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From the No Doubt Zone™,
Dr. K

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