How to move on after a friendship breakup

No one is perfect, including you, but that doesn’t mean you should beat yourself up over what went wrong. Dr. Fern Kazlow explains, “While it’s valuable to take responsibility for your part in the breakup, don’t create a story that gets you stuck or portrays you in a way that diminishes you.” [...]

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Family Trances and the Habit of Holding Yourself Back

Holding yourself back is a learned behavior that often becomes a habit, and may come from one or both parents. It is built on, and perpetuated by, related attitudes and behaviors. In addition to the learned behaviors, there may be inherited traits that support it as well. You may be more pessimistic, have less vibrant health or stamina, or be more introverted. [...]

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The Year of the Power Connection

I just revisited a blog post I wrote 8 years ago, one year after I was severely injured. The years that followed took me on a much different journey than I anticipated when I wrote this post in 2008. While the power of connection became even more evident, I never expected that following my injury there would be 8 surgeries, a house fire, and twists and turns in my life filled with lessons that brought me forward to creating the No Doubt Zone™. I want to share my blog post from December 2008, and invite you to join me in 2017 in the No Doubt Zone.

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What is a Power Connection?

My last blog - The Year of the Power Connection, generated a lot of questions about what exactly is a Power Connection?  How do you create a Power Connection?  What are the benefits of a Power Connection? Let’s start with What is a Power Connection? First, the difference between a connection and a Power Connection is the difference between lighting a dark room with a flashlight or a flood lamp.  A flashlight only allows you [...]

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Holiday Trances

For Beth, like many of us, the holidays are a mix of emotions. While she looks forward to the holiday cheer, parties, and gift giving, she dreads the family gatherings. They bring out her feelings of difference and even inadequacy compared to and fostered by her relatives. Unlike her sisters and female cousins, Beth has chosen to forego having children, and she has a career that keeps her constantly on the go. In addition to [...]

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Getting Beyond Conflict

Enjoy the love, power, freedom and sense of purpose of being yourself Don was having a problem with a co-worker named Jim. Jim, who was new to the company, feared his more established colleague, Don, might try to harm his relationship with the boss. He also thought that Don might do things to serve himself at Jim’s expense, ultimately interfering with the promotion he dreamed of. Feeling insecure, Jim looked at Don as a main [...]

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