My last blog – The Year of the Power Connection, generated a lot of questions about what exactly is a Power Connection?  How do you create a Power Connection?  What are the benefits of a Power Connection?

Let’s start with What is a Power Connection?

First, the difference between a connection and a Power Connection is the difference between lighting a dark room with a flashlight or a flood lamp.  A flashlight only allows you to see a glimpse.  What you see as related to the whole is left in question. Turn on a flood lamp and suddenly nooks and alcoves become visible.  Details and patterns come into focus.  You see the overall view and how everything works together to produce the whole.  And opportunities and potential are illuminated everywhere.

A Power Connection supports, enables, allows, drives, inspires, creates, and has the power to see beyond.  It’s honest, deep, reciprocal, respectful, and adds immeasurably to your life and your ability to accomplish what you want.

Say the word ‘connection’ and people think ‘person-to-person’ connection.  And that’s true. But Power Connections happen between more than people. The opportunity for Power Connections exists in every aspect of your life.  It’s right there in everything from your connection with who you are, what you want, your Big Vision, and your spirituality  to your family, your business, your branding, and the way you run your business – now and in the future.

And Power Connections happen on multi-dimensional levels:

  • Mentally: A Power Connection gives you clarity, greater awareness, and depth of thinking.  It provides the springboard for innovation, creativity, and relevancy.  It increases your focus and flexibility.
  • Emotionally: A Power Connection brings joy, happiness, fulfillment, and peace.  It allows you the ability to have a full range of feelings without getting or feeling trapped or stuck.
  • Physically: A Power Connection strengthens you, gives you stamina and the ability to regenerate. It not only de-stresses but allows you the freedom to relax in the situation, and maintain balance and fluidity.
  • Spiritually: A Power Connection enhances and brings you closer to who you are, closer to the Source (however you choose to define Source).
  • Energetically: A Power Connection strengthens and supports who you are and what you want to do.  It provides the fuel to move you forward, strengthen your relationships, and encourage taking action.

So begin to build and deepen your Power Connections. Let them excite you and see how all of these dimensions and aspects become filaments in your web of connections which ultimately adds more power, more control and more richness to every area of your life.
My last blog generated so much excitement and resonated with so many different people from all walks of life. I want to thank all of you who responded, both on the blog and private emails, with your amazing stories. Many said how touched they were by my story. I want you to know that you, indeed, touched me.

I so value our Power Connection. And I look forward to being fueled by it in the coming year.

Power Connections are priceless.  And the only ingredient they need to grow is you.