I just revisited a blog post I wrote 8 years ago, one year after I was severely injured. The years that followed took me on a much different journey than I anticipated when I wrote this post in 2008.

While the power of connection became even more evident, I never expected that following my injury there would be 8 surgeries, a house fire, and twists and turns in my life filled with lessons that brought me forward to creating the No Doubt Zone™.

I want to share my blog post from December 2008, and invite you to join me in 2017 in the No Doubt Zone.

Originally Published: December 2008

Instead of resolutions, each year I focus on creating, expanding or refining a dimension in my life.  My last year’s trauma gave birth to this year’s focus.  For those who don’t know, I began last year with a shattered hip, pelvis, elbow, a damaged rotator cuff, and assorted other injuries.  I fell.  I wasn’t doing anything extraordinary or daring. I was walking through a parking lot and slipped on a speed bump.

Talk about a changed agenda!  Everything that I was doing or had planned – the media blitz, the book, speaking appearances, workshops, projects and partnering – was off the table.  Months in bed, seasons of therapy, and learning to walk again took up most of the space on my priority list.  I felt as if I had been ripped from the life I’d known and how I navigated that life.

Physically, I was totally dependent.  Me.  The “don’t-tell-me-I-can’t-because-I-don’t-understand-the-meaning-of-the-word” woman suddenly couldn’t.  I had to ask for a cup of tea.  Had to ask for help to get out of bed.  Had to ask for help to wash, dress, and even button a shirt.  The most minute movements I had taken for granted – holding a pen, answering a telephone, using a keyboard, combing my hair – became Herculean efforts or weren’t possible.

But, as the trauma subsided and as the entirely new set of circumstances that dictated my life evolved, a new awareness set in.  I needed people – and not just for physical things.  And they were there.  In droves.

Who were all these magnificent people around me?  There were my family and close friends who felt as if they became part of my physical being. My then 8-year-old daughter overwhelmed me with her ability and willingness to anticipate and assist me with my every move. My dogs and birds automatically knew my deeper level of need and comforted and protected me. Elaine and Rilly, though hundreds of miles away, never left my side. Friends and colleagues reached out with help and comfort and indescribable support.  Clients, patients, associates, and people in my community gave freely of their caring, their energy, and their prayers.  Complete strangers shared their stories, gave their well-wishes, and we connected on a level that didn’t exist before my fall.

It was, as if, with each person another fiber was created to weave this massive spider web of connection and support.  And as I allowed their graces to pour into my life, even the smallest and briefest connection took on grand and meaningful proportions that powered me forward.

For years – decades, actually – I’ve been talking about how critical connections are on all levels.  My life has ALWAYS been about connections. But before this experience, even I didn’t fully appreciate the immense power and impact of Connection.

They say there is strength in numbers.  Let me add to that:  There is Power in Connection.  And this year, from a new vantage point, I will create, explore, and expand the Power Connection on all levels.

Imagine the massive energy you create, the immense power that drives you forward when you connect on every level of your being.  Forming and perfecting that Connection with:

  • Who you really are on the most basic and profound of levels.
  • What you really want in life and how you can bring that to the table.
  • What your Big Vision is and how you can integrate it and have it energetically support what you want to accomplish.
  • People who support who you are and what you do.
  • People who support, what you believe in, and how you contribute.
  • Your family, your friends, your community.
  • Your branding and your business.
  • Your clients, your colleagues, your staff.
  • Your spirituality and your life force.
  • Your creativity and openness to possibilities and opportunity.
  • Becoming Big and taking up your space.

And doing this knowing that each Connection is setting another stone in your path to who you want to be and what you want in the future.

At the beginning of this year, I want to do two things.  First, I want to thank everyone – from the people I’ve known all my life to my newest social networking friends – who are now my priceless Connections.  And secondly, I want to invite you to share the spirit and the Power of Connection this year with me.

In my future blogs, I’ll be showing you how to manifest those Power Connections.

And together we will make 2009 an incredible year.