Most of us have learned the best ways NOT to lose weight and keep it off. Can you imagine maintaining your desired weight — without pills, hypnosis, difficult diets, or excessive exercise? When you understand how the basic principles of change, energetic testing and recalibration apply to weight loss, it becomes simple, easy, and natural.

Talk to people dieting or those who have lost weight only to regain it, and you’ll find they are likely to be judgmental — towards themselves and others, their bodies, and their ability to stick to diet and exercise programs. Often they obsess about their weight and appearance, paying little attention to the messages their body is giving them.

Like it or not, weight follows the same principles of transformation as the rest of our lives. If we aren’t in alignment with these principles we won’t be able to lose weight, look, or feel the way we would like. In fact, we will most likely increase our weight, frustration and overall sense of dissatisfaction with ourselves and life.

One of the common mistakes people make is to resist what is, in this case — their weight, body type, and the process required to attain their desired weight, shape and good health. Our life is a direct reflection of our energetic patterns. Like a magnet, these patterns determine what we attract and repel — what we have and we don’t have in our life. The more we resist, the more our energy attracts what we are resisting — weight, upset, loneliness, judgment, failure, even resistance itself. When we “can’t stand” our body, the ups and downs on the scale, and dealing with our exercise, diet and eating habits, we solidify the associated energy patterns — the very ones causing us distress.

Further, the more we focus on how “heavy” or “fat” we feel, the more energetic patterns of “heaviness” and “fat” we attract. We get better and better at gaining and holding onto weight, becoming heavier in our mood, as well as our body. Dealing with our weight as the primary issue is misleading. Masquerading as a weight problem, our excess weight is usually a cover-up for other issues such as relationship, prosperity, health, and low self-esteem, disconnection from our self or our spiritual life. It is a signal that something is out of balance and we need to pay attention. We must go to the source for the greatest results, not only with our body, but with every aspect of our life.

If we want to lose or maintain weight, change the shape of our body, be in a fulfilling relationship, enjoy good health or prosperity, our energy must be aligned with it. You can test what your energy is supporting and what it is not, which diet, supplements, and exercise programs are good for you, or the mental, emotional and spiritual issues that need to be addressed.

For many people, when their energy supports something they feel strong and sure, when it doesn’t they feel weak or their energy feels heavy. To strengthen your energy, think about your midline — the vertical line going down the center of your body. Putting attention on your midline in this way recalibrates your energy field. You can do this to support weight loss, strengthening effective elimination of body waste, utilization of nutrients, and eating for hunger rather than emotional reasons. Shifting your energy in this way is also helpful when you are dealing with food cravings. While it may be necessary to get to the root cause of the problem, just thinking about your midline when you have a craving may reduce or even eliminate it.

I asked Integrative Action clients what helped them manage their weight. They said, “Weight loss didn’t cause the transformation but was the result of it — then it was easy, balanced, and natural.” “When I fought my body I became exhausted and frustrated. I learned to listen to my body — communicating with my body was very powerful — I became the expert — not the diet gurus.” “I learned to view obstacles to weight loss as part of the process — a call for change and refinement.” “I deal with my fears instead of obsessing about my weight.” “Using energetic testing I put together a diet and exercise plan that works for me.“ “I test my energy to see where it is weak. I find out what is really going on, shift my energy, and deal with it!”

Rather than the latest fad diet, we need to discover our own nutritive requirements, best eating and exercise schedules, and learn to modify them as our needs change — under stress, with the seasons, different activity levels, etc. We can find a diet we resonate with and then alter it when our body adapts or we become bored. Successful programs for weight loss encourage us to accept normal fluctuations -being thinner or heavier, finding it easier or more difficult to eat healthfully — without judgment.

Janice had always struggled with her weight. “If I don’t lose weight, I won’t find a relationship. I can’t feel good about myself.” She was constantly dieting and judging how well she was or was not doing. I suggested that she accept her body, her fears and feelings of loneliness, while clarifying and working toward her goals, Janice resisted. She believed that “If I accept myself as I am now, I‘ll never change.” She realized that, in fact, the opposite was true. The more she judged herself, the worse she felt, and the more she overate. “I learned to test my energy and couldn’t believe it didn’t support my losing weight — or being in a relationship. I was afraid of being seen as attractive and vain.” Janice’s weight was a ruse to keep her from experiencing her fears and reflected her negative feelings about herself.

Janice dealt with her issues and learned to use energetic tools to recalibrate her energy when she felt stuck. “I focus on my favorite music, dancing or other things that make my energy strong. When I start to obsess and feel hopeless, or have difficulty turning down the cookies, I focus on my midline.” It became easier for Janice to make better choices for herself. “I’m confident, in a nurturing relationship, and I feel beautiful. Finally, I’m at my desired weight and I’m maintaining it EASILY!”

When weight loss is the result of an integrated approach, we naturally release what isn’t serving us and choose what does. Accepting ourselves, our connection with others, and the deeper issues in our lives, makes the process of weight management an opportunity to improve our life, health, body, and our feelings about who we are.