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Spamming the Twitterverse: Why Perfectly Nice People Go Bad

There’s an issue that’s been coming up lately. Not only did it come up on a radio show I was doing the other day, but this is turning into the proverbial “if I had a dollar for everyone who asked me this, I’d be writing this from the Bahamas” issue. Twitter users are fed up with the auto responses they’re being deluged with from people they’ve just met. And, frankly, I am too. And the question I’m being asked is “Why are they doing this?” So, here’s the skinny on the why: Even though a site like Twitter may be the closest thing to a face-to-face contact on the internet, the interaction still lacks a physical presence. No eye contact. No voice. No body language. For a lot of people, that lack of a body puts a dent in or actually removes their social etiquette. (I didn’t say it was [...]

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How to Damage Your Brand and Kill Your Business without Trying

Auto-DMs.  They’re driving people on Twitter over the edge.  I’ve had so many people ask me why would any rational human being, when after first meeting someone on Twitter, spam them with auto-responses when they would never act that way in person.  And although I’ve tackled that question  in my Spamming the Twitterverse article, I’ll offer a brief summary here because it’s important to the gist of that blog. Communicating via computer – even when it’s social media – removes our physical presence. For many people, the absence of an in-person connection relaxes or removes our usual social strictures.  When you mix in the current economy, bad business advice, and the hype from media and sales programs (Overnight Millionaire – Make Money While You Sleep!), the boundaries are removed even more, especially for people who are feeling financially desperate. And when you add tactics that promise huge numbers of followers [...]

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Mastering the Art of Change

What if someone gave you the principles, the process and the energetic tools to create the life you want — quickly, easily and painlessly? Hard to believe? That’s because we don’t understand the nature of change and how conscious and non-conscious energetic patterns create our lives. To master change, we must alter our relationship to change, embrace its paradoxes, and align our energetic field to support us. Change — from early childhood, we often desire to have and to be something different from who and what we are, something more and better. But how often have you dedicated time, money and hope only to find yourself repeating old patterns. Yet, the more we try to change things, the more they stay the same, or become more deeply entrenched. Like a magnet, we attract what we are looking to avoid, while what we seek eludes us. Let’s take Karen, an attractive, [...]

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Letting go

“Just let it go?” “Don’t be afraid?” Or the dentist, with drill in hand says “Relax.” The obvious question is: How do I do it? You want to let go of fear, depression, weak thoughts or stressful situations … yet, it seems like you can’t. You remain lost in the swirl of feelings, the bad times keep coming, and you cannot find a way to well being. Why we resist letting go A less obvious question is: why are we so hesitant to let go. The very idea of letting go may bring feelings of dread or even touch off a cycle of full-blown fear. Sometimes we think that by letting go, we will enter The Void. It’s not simply fear that we won’t get what we want, but a sense that we will lose something essential, although we are not even sure what. Letting go seems like an acceptance [...]

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Holiday Trances

For Beth, like many of us, the holidays are a mix of emotions. While she looks forward to the holiday cheer, parties, and gift giving, she dreads the family gatherings. They bring out her feelings of difference and even inadequacy compared to and fostered by her relatives. Unlike her sisters and female cousins, Beth has chosen to forego having children, and she has a career that keeps her constantly on the go. In addition to the emotional roller coaster that the holidays often seem to evoke, they can also trigger trance states in many of us where we get “lost” in a feeling or memory. Some trances are a pleasant daydream of childhood holidays, complete with details like the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie, while others are uncomfortable experiences during which we identify with our negative thoughts, feelings and emotions. Trances involve a narrowing, fixating of attention and a [...]

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Getting Beyond Conflict

Enjoy the love, power, freedom and sense of purpose of being yourself Don was having a problem with a co-worker named Jim. Jim, who was new to the company, feared his more established colleague, Don, might try to harm his relationship with the boss. He also thought that Don might do things to serve himself at Jim’s expense, ultimately interfering with the promotion he dreamed of. Feeling insecure, Jim looked at Don as a main character in his personal story about the way the world worked. He accused Don of characteristics that might better describe himself: hostile, dishonest, disloyal, deceitful and definitely not a team player. Jim shared his negative opinions of Don freely with quite a few people including their boss. Eventually, he confronted Don himself. Initially, Don was surprised, as he had always spoken well of Jim and had been in his corner. He had fully intended to [...]

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