What if someone gave you the principles, the process and the energetic tools to create the life you want — quickly, easily and painlessly? Hard to believe? That’s because we don’t understand the nature of change and how conscious and non-conscious energetic patterns create our lives. To master change, we must alter our relationship to change, embrace its paradoxes, and align our energetic field to support us.

Change — from early childhood, we often desire to have and to be something different from who and what we are, something more and better. But how often have you dedicated time, money and hope only to find yourself repeating old patterns. Yet, the more we try to change things, the more they stay the same, or become more deeply entrenched. Like a magnet, we attract what we are looking to avoid, while what we seek eludes us.

Let’s take Karen, an attractive, accomplished businesswoman, wife, and mother. She confesses to repeated attempts at improving herself. “I don’t feel as fit as I used to and my body is aging without my permission! I’m frustrated and overwhelmed because despite my best efforts, I can’t get everything done. The same old conflicts with my husband, kids and even my employees keep resurfacing. I’m depressed — intimacy and laughter are missing from my life.”

And then there’s Dan — 45 years old, successful, yet doubts he has made the best choices in life. “I never know if I’m in the right job or relationship. With all my achievements and awards, l feel like life is passing me by. I live with an underlying sense of anxiety that is affecting my sexuality and relationships. I’m afraid that my health and good looks will vanish.”

Do Karen or Dan really want to change? Like the rest of us, what they really want is less pain and more pleasure. If they could do that without trying to change wouldn’t they, not to mention most of us, grab that opportunity?

Two simple paradoxes vividly demonstrate our confused relationship with change and our resistance to it. The first paradox is that we think we want to change and be different than who we are, but at the same time we’re afraid of losing our identity, as well as what’s comfortable. While we are looking for improvement, we know our old patterns have at least gotten us this far. The second paradox is that while we want less pain and more pleasure, we identify with and hold onto our pain. In fact, we believe the process of change most often adds even more pain.

These very paradoxes contribute to our conflict with change. This is important because consciously or non-consciously we are always creating our reality. Our life is a direct reflection of our energetic patterns and vibrational frequencies. These patterns determine what we attract and repel — what we have and what we don’t have in every area of our life. We are often unaware of the multitude of non-conscious influences that affect us, from genetic factors to simple triggers.

In fact, what we believe is the cause of our problems usually is not. We may turn to common psychological explanations to understand our difficulty with relationships, blaming the abuse we suffered as a child, or the stress we are subjected to at work. However, the trouble may actually be related to energetic weaknesses associated with things we don’t normally consider such as our resonating with the collective consciousness of people with relationship problems or even the fear of having better relationships than others.

No matter how hard Karen or Dan tried to change, it couldn’t happen until they supported these changes in their conscious and non-conscious energy fields. I developed Integrative Action to give health practitioners, businesses, and individuals like Karen or Dan an approach to accomplish the changes they desired — quickly, easily, joyfully. Integrative Action, a synthesis of Chinese energetics (particularly Yuen Method™, developed by Kam Yuen, DC), Western modalities, and quantum physics, identifies and corrects the matrix of causes underlying our complaints and unwanted conditions.

Modalities that deal with physical, mental, or emotional issues without directly addressing their corresponding energetic patterns, as well as those that attempt to alter energetic patterns without providing a correct understanding of change and resistance, undermine their effectiveness. Integrative Action overcomes these limitations by providing the principles, the process and the energetic tools to reconfigure patterns in the quantum field enabling you to go to consciously create the life you want.

As Karen struggled to improve her life, she discovered that “my energy patterns were attracting the very situations that I did not want. I learned to identify and change those patterns to energetic frequencies that attract and enhance what I want in my life. I used the Integrative process and its energetic tools and my life got better immediately — it became easy to exercise and eat in a healthier way, my extra pounds dropped off, and I knew intuitively how to make my relationships better. In the past I fought reality (its not fair, it should not be this way), judged others or myself (they or I should be different) as my energy patterns became more entrenched and my depression got worse. For the first time, I had a method that actually enabled me to be non-judgmental and accepting, something I could use everyday to create lasting change in my life.”

With practice Karen learned to recognize her innate energetic responses. People feel it differently, but for Karen when her energy supports something, it feels strong and sure. When it doesn’t, it feels weak and seems to go downward. When Karen recognized a weakness in her energy field, she would focus on something that made her energy feel strong. That simply, she would shift to a vibrational frequency that would help her manifest what she wanted in her life.

Dan sought solutions that were simple to use and integrated easily into his busy life. “When problems emerge I want to resolve them quickly. I learned to check my energy patterns right in the midst of my everyday activities. When my energy is strong it feels even, if weak it waffles. If the patterns aren’t in alignment with what I want, I correct them immediately, reconfiguring the quantum field to support my goals.” One way that Dan likes to do this is by focusing on a vertical line going down his midline while thinking about the changes he wants to make. Focusing on the midline is very useful whenever you want to strengthen your energy field and you can do it instantly. Dan says “Now I am more in control; I make decisions swiftly, comfortably and naturally.”

Dan and Karen learned that it wasn’t the conflicts in their life that created problems; it was how they responded to them. The more they resisted what life presented, the more their energy field rigidified, and the harder life became. One key for getting what they wanted was to calibrate their energy field to allow them to embrace everything (what they wanted and what they didn’t) as it was, while clarifying and working towards what they did want in their lives. The grace (intrinsic to the process) with which they held what had been, what is, and what was coming enabled them to use the energetic tools effectively to give them a happiness and ease in their lives they never thought possible.

Karen and Dan were amazed at the speed with which even the most difficult issues in their lives transformed. Karen came into her power and became more of who she wanted to be. “My life is more fun, the world responds to me more positively, and I feel more connected to those around me.” Dan became relaxed and confident. “My relationships are now meaningful; I’ve discovered my purpose and I feel excited about life.”

By shifting their energetic fields, they re-calibrated at the quantum level who they are and how they experience life. By mastering the art of change, like Karen and Dan, we can easily, effortlessly, and joyfully create the life we want.