The Maverick ParadoxI’m honored to be part of the launch of a new podcast, Judith Germain’s Maverick Paradox.

I have to admit, when I first spoke to Judith, I was pretty skeptical. She said some things that made me go, yeah, right.

Well, after much spirited conversation between us, she’s the real deal. Judith is a maverick who’s making a difference in and out of the corporate world. She’s worked with hundreds of leaders and business owners to harness their maverick DNA, to effectively and ethically influence others, and to help those who work with Mavericks to inspire them instead of squelching them.

Judith and I have become fast friends, although challenged by the time difference (she’s in the UK) and both of our crazy schedules.

In this episode we talk about:

  • the difference between extreme and socialized mavericks
  • whether you can truly socialize a maverick
  • the importance of maverick traits for any leader
  • the dangers of extreme mavericks… and what can turn a socialized maverick into an extreme maverick

You can listen here on SoundCloud.

View the Podcast details or listen via other sources, like iTunes or Google Play:

I also did an Amazon review of her book.

If you want to read Judith’s book (highly recommended) it can be purchased on Amazon here.

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What do you think about Judith’s Maverick Continuum and where do you see yourself on it?

From the No Doubt Zone,

Dr. K