5 Essential Questions You Need to Ask to Evaluate Your Branding in the Changing Economy

I was listening to a business channel the other day when one of the pundits made the comment that “a paid mortgage is now the new BMW.”  Interesting how perceptions change!  And interesting all the more since I had just finished a conversation with a client who was worried about how the changing economy was creating conflicts in his branding and what could he do about it.

The one constant that your branding should have – no matter what the economy – is that you’re on top of your game.  How do you achieve that?  By not only positioning your branding but backing that positioning with energetic support.

Look at the difference in the messages being sent in the examples below:

  • You’re making cut backs because you’re keeping your business ‘lean and mean’ vs. you’re making cut backs because they’re necessary, business is shaky, or you’re struggling to survive.
  • You’re cutting back prices in an effort to help and serve your client vs. you need to get rid of inventory.
  • You found a great way to save money (i.e. on rent on a new office space) and spin it (our new location will serve you better) vs. you’re moving to less expensive digs in an effort to stay alive.
  • You’re calling your clients and discussing if and how their needs are changing so you can help them out vs. you’re struggling to find something that works.

The message your branding sends on a conscious and non-conscious level is all-important to your clients because of the perception that it establishes.

Backing your branding with optimal energetic support gives your clients the perception that you’re in control, clever, imaginative, creative, viable, and you know what you’re doing.  You’re on top of your game. You’re sending them a message of permanence and giving your client a reason to have confidence in you.

Being on top of your game is always the best branding – no matter what you’re doing or what the economy is.  But you can’t fake it.  You really do need to be on top of your game.

How can you be sure you’re sitting on top of Mt.Your-Name and that your branding is working for you?  Answer these 5 questions for a quick evaluation:

  1. Through what filter are you viewing your business, your finances, and      your market?  Do you see them with potential and opportunity or are you viewing them through a prism of fear and hesitancy?
  2. What messages are you sending?  And not just verbally (although check to see if you sound frustrated, worried, whiny, angry or helpless).  What is your branding saying to your clients?
  3. Are you carrying your branding all the way through?  Are you, your messages, your office, your website, your ads, etc., all in sync and sending the same message?  Check every area of your business so you don’t wind up wearing the proverbial brown shoes with a tuxedo.
  4. Are you listening to – and hearing – what your clients’ changing needs are? Are you adapting to them?
  5. Are you proactive?  Are you adapting not only your business to the changing economy but your branding as well?

Far too many small business people or solo-preneurs don’t realize that their branding is as crucial to them as branding is to Coca-Cola, Rolls Royce, Starbucks or your favorite candy bar. And it has to be nurtured, groomed, and kept up-to-date.

In my Free Teleseminar for my workshop “Game’s On! The Rules for Being On Top of Your Game in the Changing Economy,” I address how to break free of negative prisms that can distort your branding as well as the way you run your business.  And I’ll also teach you how to adapt and be on top of your game – in any economy.

Branding isn’t a one shot deal.  That means your branding has to be evaluated regularly to make sure it’s in alignment with you, your business, and the changing economy.