I’ve written only one post about my journey since my accident… until now.

I want to share with you how this major life-changer brought me to founding the No Doubt Zone™. By the end of this post, you may have an insight that will make an impact on your life, and see how the No Doubt Zone can help you achieve your biggest vision.

When I was injured, at the end of 2007, my life was great, both professionally and personally.

It was hard to believe that everything could change so drastically in a single moment, mind-boggling was more like it. Yet it did. I went from an amazing time in my life, to an unexpected, long, and difficult journey. It challenged me on every level. Has something like that ever happened to you or someone close to you? If so, you can definitely relate.

One of the most striking things to me was seeing how others dealt with my accident and injuries. As soon as I got home from the hospital, most everyone — friends, colleagues, patients and clients — was desperate to find a reason why my accident happened, to identify the deep lessons to be learned. It was difficult for them to deal with my life-changing event without attributing a deeper meaning to explain it.

I don’t know where you stand on this. Do you believe things happen for a reason, events in our life are “meant to be”, with lessons already set for us at birth?  Or, do you think we assign meaning to what life presents to us because we want to grow or we have a need to believe that hard things happen for a reason? Either way, “stuff happens”; we attract things into our life, and then seek to understand and make sense of them.

As for my accident, the almost unanimous theory was that because I slipped on a speed bump, the message must be slow up. To everyone who insisted that I was way too busy and God wanted me to slow up, I replied that it wasn’t called a “slow-up” bump. If it meant anything, the message must be to speed up.

Intuitively I knew it would take time for the lessons to be clear. It would actually short circuit the learning process if I assigned a meaning at that point. I didn’t know my journey would have so many unexpected twists and turns — things I didn’t know were in my future. The lessons couldn’t be seen until I was further along the path.

Over time, dealing with my accident and the aftermath, the lessons emerged — despite my insistence that this was no big deal and it wasn’t going to interfere with my life or plans. While I acknowledged for a short time some changes might be necessary, I insisted I would attend the Westminster Dog Show in 6 weeks, travel to speak the following summer, and continue with my active schedule. Not one of these things happened. I was incredulous that I couldn’t manage to make even one of these things happen.

As I grappled with the challenges brought on by my injuries: years that included 8 surgeries, severely limited mobility, and extreme pain, to name a few, it wasn’t back to business as usual. I was blessed that after a period of recovery, I was able to do some work at home from my bed. I could talk to patients and clients by phone, and even mentor a group online. Yet, for a long time I couldn’t travel to teach workshops, do speaking or media presentations, or write my book. I couldn’t do some pretty basic things like walk my dogs, go up and down stairs, or even wash my own hair. My plans were definitely altered.

How did this lead to the creation of the No Doubt Zone (NDZ)?

My life and work have always been about going beyond what seems possible, to create extraordinary outcomes.

I’ve never been one to accept limitations, being stuck, or not achieving what I set my sights on. My motto was: “Help me, support me, or stay out of my way. Don’t tell me it can’t be done.” It was a position I was proud of. I taught Get What you Want When the World Says No workshops. However my friends and family (yes, especially my mother), not so secretly wished I would change my perspective to be more accepting of limits and what they thought possible.

Well this adventure definitely gave me some added perspective, as I dealt with a huge gap between where I was and where I wanted to be.

While I worked to get my life back, to get back to fulfilling my biggest vision, I had new insights about achieving the greatest levels of success…especially when the obstacles seem insurmountable.

From the moment I was hurt, and into the present, the importance of key elements in my work was greatly magnified.

Did you ever have something happen that was so big, it was as if it was screaming at you, pointing to where you needed to focus? It might have been anything that shook up your life. Or, even the frustration of not achieving what you are passionate to accomplish. Whether you were putting your attention there already or not, the message was loud and clear.

“Focus over here, this is crucial! Pay attention!”

Well, that’s how it was with my “event”. Looking at the factors that contributed to my accident, the path to recovery, and the way I’ve arranged my life since then, there were lessons providing deep insight and know-how to enable me do what I’m here to do most powerfully — to help people achieve their biggest vision and make a positive difference in the world.

I’ve always studied the factors that influence whether or not people accomplish their biggest goals. I studied my patients, clients and students. I analyzed myself. I researched Elon Musk, Richard Branson, Sheryl Sandberg, Steve Jobs, and others who accomplished huge goals. I looked at times when the seemingly impossible was achieved — and when it wasn’t.

Through years of research, particular elements continued to be associated with achieving significant outcomes. I found that anyone who’s highly successful has experienced periods of increased focus and certainty. For most people, including high achievers, this isn’t well understood. They’ve experienced this more by happenstance than by design. They have limited ability to create these conditions at will or across different areas of their life.

Bringing together extensive research, clinical and life experience, I identified the key elements to achieve exponential success and a methodology that enables you enter into, operate from and ultimately live primarily in that state of increased certainty and focus…at will.

I call this the No Doubt Zone. The NDZ is a powerful state, or zone, with key elements integrated and aligned to fulfill your biggest vision and purpose.

To be clear, The No Doubt Zone is not a place where there are no doubts. Rather, it’s a zone where your doubts, fears, uncertainty, or limiting stories, don’t stop you or hold you back. In the NDZ, you recognize the power of your doubts as fuel, information, and a path to fulfilling your biggest purpose.

The No Doubt Zone is marked by increased:

  • Mental and emotional toughness and resilience
  • Courage and willingness to take risks
  • Self-trust
  • Powerful decision making
  • Taking actions aligned with your biggest vision

In the No Doubt Zone you are most authentic, most like yourself. This translates into strong, bold, charismatic, committed action. It fosters strong leadership and massive impact. It supports big, out of the box thinking and exponential success.

When you look at the elements found in the NDZ, which of these hold your biggest challenges?

How are these keeping you from achieving your biggest vision?

Whether you wrestle with issues around mental toughness or self-trust, decision-making or taking action, lack of clarity or commitment, you can learn to step into the No Doubt Zone, increase your strength in these areas, and ultimately live primarily in the No Doubt Zone.

Stepping into the No Doubt Zone means breaking free of your stories and illusory limitations. Living in the NDZ is a choice to be your most powerful self and fulfill your biggest vision.

In future posts and the NDZ  Guide, you will get information about how you to enter the NDZ, and create exponential success.